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Auto Generating Reports

Time & Attendance Simple ways to report from anywhere

Attendance from Anywhere

A single dashboard for your workforce to confirm their presence and manage their day-to-day tasks. Complete control on allocation of shifts and time when your team members can login.

Online Attendance

Manage your attendance with the help of location-tracker and easy-to-operate customized applications. Start leveraging the world of real-time attendance with easy late-tracking capabilities, early-leaver notifications and more.


Reduce the scope of any mismatch of attendance. Stay strong with compliance as you can track the exact places your employee visited with precise history and route mapping. Easy calculation of approximate distance travelled by your field employees.

Attendance Report

Automated daily attendance report as per the frequency decided. Let’s you and your managers know about absence and presence beforehand.

Daily Work Report

Let your employees enter their daily tasks details and you can track their progress in easy-view access. End-to-end reporting and transparency.

Duration Auto Detect

Get auto-alerts if any of your employees spend too much time at a location. Know if he needs your support. Always be there for your employees.

Leave Management Leaves in One Click

A well-defined procedure and workflow to ensure that applying day off is a hassle-free experience. Managers can approve leaves even from their mobile devices.

Leave Policy

Inform your team members about organization’s leave policies and processes. Define all kinds of leaves applicable such as casual leave, planned leave and more.

App Leave Management

Employees can apply for leaves from their mobile devices on the go. It’s important to create a process that is accessible even in hours of stress.

Dynamic Leave Approval

Allow your managers to approve leaves via mobile app or web portal. Send them automated reminders using SMS and Push notifications.


If you have a complex way to approve leaves, we have got you covered. Define the workflow once and we will set it up for ever, make periodical changes and reviews to meet your growing team demands.

Leave Reports

Create automated reports, set their frequency and have it in your inbox. Our advanced leave analysis reports (using BI tools) can create some amazing insights for you in no time.

Simplified Expense Claiming Track & Manage Reimbursement Anytime

Collaborate and manage expense claims and approvals better. Managers will get immediate notifications for approvals.

Expense Proof Submission

One of the biggest challenges is end-to-end tracking of expense management. Single-click upload to request a claim and just a tap to authenticate a claim.


Your team members no longer need to bother your accounts desk. They can check the status of your reimbursement and also be notified upon approval or rejection.

Approval Workflow

We have kept the workflow for approvals fairly generic. This allows us to define customized procedures for different companies or industries.

Verify Expenses

Cross-check and validate the request quickly by accessing bills, receipts, memos, etc. right beside the claim. Single window verification system - It's that simple!


Identifying the pending claims, expense listings and total outward expenses in various category. We help you navigate through data points which matters.

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