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Breeze happily offers partnership opportunities to those who are interested in software related business and in providing after-sales support services. The advantages associated with our partnership programs are:

  • Attractive and high rate of commissions
  • Exclusive zero investment offer
  • Solely profit-oriented in nature
  • Inducted customers are generally recurring in nature and thus, provide a perennial source of earning
  • Dedicated priority support through channel manager
  • Marketing, sales as well as technical updates through e-mail
  • Comprehensive domain knowledge and business orientation transfer
  • Regular training sessions

I. One-Off Sale

Do you have a lead that is interested in BreezeERP?

Don't worry!! Just share it with us and we will surely assist you. Check out how we can help:

  • Breeze will completely evaluate the technical part of it and handle the technical implementations. We will even assist you in closing the sales, which in turn will earn you a good commission for the efforts put by you.
  • Breeze will directly manage each support query made by such a lead and thus, will let you be completely free of tension.

However, before choosing this option, make sure that you have carefully identified the customer as a potential one who is actually interested in one-off sales. If so, then post going for this option, you wont need to worry about implementation, support or other customer queries related to this.

II. Franchisee

Are you looking for a full-proof growth opportunity? Do you have a considerable experience in software support related business?

If yes, then you might consider this option. But prior to doing so, know why we are suggesting you to go for this:

  • The most important aspect of the franchise scheme offered by us is completely free of investment.
  • A comprehensive evaluation will be carried on before the selection process.
  • We will even provide you a full business orientation post selection.

If you are still not sure about whether to go for this option, then first find out if you are really interested in such a long-term and recurring profit scheme and if you have a mindset to offer direct and total support to your clients.

However, becoming an Breeze franchisee would necessitate you fulfilling the following pre-requisites:

  • Having experience in software related business as well as after-sales support services
  • Having clear knowledge of software and proficiency in software installation, software download, software upgrades as well as other software support activities
  • Have to be client-centric which includes offering on-site customer support
  • Having enough knowledge of financial markets will be an added advantage

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